Guitare noire mate, manche en érable noire et corps en bassou, personnalisable en fonction des besoins, livraison gratuite


Mots-clés: guitare tele kit, un guitare, socle guitare, manche guitar, microphone guitare acoustique, guitare electrique custom, lead guitars, guitare electrique, shaper, guitar acoustique.

SKU : t969 Catégorie:Instruments à cordes

  • Matériau de Touche: Érable
  • Matériau du Corps: Bois de Tilleul
  • Type: Guitare acoustique
  • Ramassage: Type de fermeture passive
  • Matériau Dos/Côté: Bois de Tilleul
  • Nom de marque: firehawk
  • String Winder: Bouton semi-fermé
  • Position de Ton: 22
  • Approprié Pour: Unisexe
  • Origine: CN (Origine)
  • Matériel de cuvette: Bois de Brésil

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  • Pukkerdstarfish  — 

    i bought the Guitar in late february, the 24. The Seller told me straight away that the Guitar needed ti be produced and was not in stock (It should be written in the description, BTW). I asked him a time reference on how many days It would take, he Keep answering me "We try our best to produce". Then i told him i would cancel the order if he didn't gave me a real estimation of the time. he said 9-15 days. I said "cool, Keep me updated, i Will Wait". then the time passed and he asked me for an extension, i gave It ti him. then Two days ago he asked me for another 15 days due to the holidays. He knew Right from the start that It would took more than a month Just to ship a guitar. I've Lost my patience. Seller not recomended.